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DTC: Debt to Credit Ratio in Relation to Home Loans

Your debt-to-credit Ratio (DTC), sometimes known as your credit utilization ratio, is a value that expresses the relation between the amount of credit you have used and your credit limit. DTC is often expressed as a percentage; the higher the percentage, the closer you are to reaching your credit limit. DTC is an important factor in many financial transactions, the most important of which is being one of the factors that helps determine your credit score.

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HELOCs and Credit Scores: What You Need to Know

A home equity line of credit, otherwise known as a HELOC, is a revolving line of credit that’s secured by the equity in your home. While you might know that HELOCs can be a good way to pay off recurring expenses without taking on high-interest credit card debt, you might not know that they can also affect your credit score. Here’s what you need to know about HELOCs and credit scores.

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