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What Is a Rate Lock?

If you like the way interest rates are looking right now, you might want to consider a rate lock. A mortgage rate lock is a guarantee that your lender will give you a certain interest rate on your home loan, as long as your mortgage closes by an agreed-upon date. In addition to guaranteeing a specific interest rate, a rate lock can also “lock in” points, which are fees that you can pay to your lender upfront in order to obtain a reduced interest rate on your mortgage.

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What is a Payment Option ARM?

A payment option ARM is a kind of adjustable rate mortgage that provides a borrower with a variety of methods to pay off their loan each month. At first, borrowers will be required to make a specific payment based on a temporary, starting interest rate. After a certain period, they can switch to any other of the payment options, including a minimum payment, which often doesn’t cover the interest of the loan.

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