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How Do You Buy a Home In Foreclosure?

Buying a home in foreclosure can often be a way to get an incredible deal -- but the process can be complex.

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What are Assumable Mortgages?

An assumable Mortgage is a home loan that can be transferred from the seller to be taken over or “assumed” by the buyer, becoming their responsibility to pay off. Of course, this requires the approval of the lender servicing the loan, and even then, not all loans are assumable.

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How Long Does It Take to Buy a House?

Maybe you’ve been scouring the web for home listings in your area, but how long does it actually take to buy a house once you’ve decided you’re ready? It’s an excellent question -- especially because the length of the home buying process can vary significantly. It all depends on the area you want to buy a home in, your eligibility, and several other variables.

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