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Low First Time Home Buyer Down Payment Options

Down Payments can be a sore subject for most home buyers. Getting a mortgage requires borrowers to meet many different criteria already, and having to fork out cold, hard cash on top of all of that is the icing on the proverbial home loan cake. This is specially true of first time home buyers. Even so, there are a few ways to escape the worst of down payment woes.

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How Do You Prepare to Buy A Home?

Buying a home can be one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make-- so how do you make sure you’re ready to make the leap? First, you need to make a plan: that means figuring out how to get your finances in order, examining your potential budget, and setting a timetable for home ownership. Keep in mind that home buying process can be a rough ride-- or easy sailing, and a lot of that depends on how much preparation you do.

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What are Graduated Payment Mortgages?

Graduated payment mortgages (GPMs) are a type of home loan with payments that start smaller and get larger as time goes on. These kind of mortgages have a fixed interest rate, and the payments often increase between 7-12% each year until a maximum payment amount is reached, which will continue for the rest of the life of the loan. Most GPMs are insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

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How Do I Get a Home Loan Quote?

You’ve been saving money for awhile and working on your credit, and you’re pretty sure you’re ready to buy a house. But how do you get the ball rolling? Don’t you need a home loan quote or something?

Although getting started with a mortgage is both stressful and filled with paperwork you never knew you’d need, it’s not impossible. Let’s walk through what’s required for a home loan quote, otherwise known as a mortgage pre-qualification.

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First-Time Home Buyer Credits for Home Loans

When you’re thinking about buying your first home, there’s a lot of information to process and way too many financial decisions to make. For a lot of buyers, coming up with money for a down payment or to fund closing costs can be a huge roadblock. These buyers may give up their home search because it just seems insurmountable.

There’s good news, though! There are plenty of home buyer assistance programs out there that offer first time home buyers like you grant money, soft secondary mortgages, or other types of credits to soften the blow of trying to save up a chunk that substantial.

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Criteria for First-Time Home Buyers for Home Loans

To help first-time home buyers, federal, state and local housing agencies have programs to make the home buying process easier and cheaper. The agencies and lenders in your area can offer you various FHA loans, VA loans, down payment grants, and other programs to make it easier to qualify and buy your first home. The definition of a first time home buyer

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Home Loans for First-Time Home Buyers

Buying your first home is a challenging but important first step in securing your future. There are many financial products available on the market for first-time homebuyers. Each product has its target market, so it’s important to understand your needs so as to match them to the products on offer.

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Applying for a First Time Home Buyers Grant

First time home buyer grants are issued by federal, state and local housing agencies to help borrowers purchase a home easily. The programs are designed to lower the hurdles of acquiring a home,  by paying the down payment.

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