Are closing costs included in the mortgage loan?

Will closing costs be integrated into the cost of my mortgage?

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Closing costs are the fees charged for services provided by your lender to assist in closing on a property. The fees are typically required to be paid upfront at closing; however, depending on your specific loan to value ratio, and the equity in your home or loan type, you may be able to roll the closing costs into the mortgage loan
If you are approved to roll the closing costs into your loan, be aware that this generally raises to your loan balance and you are charged at a higher interest rate on your loan. Over time, the added balance on your loan (and interest) will amount to a higher cost than the amount required to be paid upfront at closing. There are situations for some who do not have the option to pay closing costs upfront. If you do have the option to pay, it may be smart to pay closing costs yourself rather than wrap them up into your loan. 

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